When opening a small business, you may wonder where you will acquire the money they need to get operations off the ground. Very rarely do business owners have enough money to fund their projects out of pocket, so many of them turn to alternative methods of raising starting capital. There are several options for business funding, including loans and crowdfunding campaigns. Check out the ideas listed below to see if one could work for you!

Traditional Bank Loans

Traditional bank loans are one of the longest-standing options for small business funding. These loans are approved and distributed by an existing financial institution- usually the business owner’s primary financial institution. They offer a fixed amount of cash up-front that the borrower can pay back with monthly installments, plus an interest rate set by the lender. The amount you receive depends on your relationship with your lender and your personal credit score. The better your score, the better your loan could be.

Lines of Business Credit

Opening a line of business credit is another popular option for small business funding. This method is very similar to opening a personal credit card. It provides borrowers a spending limit, and they can choose to spend any amount of money within that limit. The spending limits are often lower than lump sums offered with traditional loans, but business owners have more flexibility since they can reuse their business credit as long as they make payments on time.

Invoice Financing

Invoice financing allows borrowers to use unpaid invoices as collateral for a loan. With this method, lenders may purchase a certain percentage of a business’ unpaid invoices. Then, the money they spend on their purchase turns into working capital for the business. When clients pay their invoices, that money is returned to the lender to pay off the loan. These loans are ideal for small businesses that have dependable clients already lined up.


Crowdfunding has become a more prominent small business funding option over the past several years. Crowdfunding uses the internet to raise funds from friends, family and colleagues. Due to the ability to share your campaign across multiple online networking websites, this option allows you to reach an infinite number of donors. Creating a crowdfunding campaign can help you raise the money you need and increase visibility for your business at the same time.

With the help of a loan, you can quickly and easily raise starting capital for your new business. Consider using one of the ideas presented in this guide to start raising money for your new business.